My Story

When your average artist starts their quest for aesthetic knowledge, you’re under the impression that you’ll become the master of just one simple area of study. Everyone imagines that after years of tutelage you’ll be the next Rembrandt or at the very least a fountain of knowledge on your particular medium of choice. This is not the case most of the time. After obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts with a Concentration in Graphic Design from Old Dominion University, I realized (however abruptly) that graphic designers are no longer pigeon-holed into making pretty pictures on scraps of paper. Instead, we find ourselves being the jack-of-all-trades in the office; graphic designers are now photographers, typography gurus, video editors, web designers, or the “Mr. Fix-It with bubble gum and glue” type of individual who can not only create images out of thin air, but take captivating photos, illustrate ideas for clients, and utilize source-code to deliver striking and interactive web design. I’ve learned how not to stick to just one field of expertise. It has been liberating to not categorize myself into one creative classification. It is with this freedom that I’ve been able to mold myself into a better artist, as a whole. It is this knowledge that I want to continue to grow, so I may utilize my latter years and instruct a new breed of artistic genius as a professor.

Until then, I look forward to facing new challenges and creating new collaborations with a diverse group of individuals. Working with a team always makes a better end result, no person is an island. Getting thrown into the preverbal Shark Tank, so to speak, helps to illuminate my greatest potential. My best work comes out of a struggle to survive while meeting impossible deadlines.

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Michelle Downey provided art direction and initiated, designed and implemented our website during her employment. She implemented and designed manuals and programs (upon approval) and when Michelle left to move to Richmond, her position and department was more organized and processes were more clear than before she arrived. Along with organization, her creative proficiency in graphics programs allowed us to seamlessly integrate cloud technology with our current processes and positioned our graphics department as a destination for high quality, unique designs. She has been missed and would be considered for rehire here at Deadline Digital Printing.

Cheryl Scott | Owner of Deadline Digital Printing